Navotas Silicone Coupler Reducer in Navotas City, National Capital Region for sale


Navotas Silicone Coupler Reducer
3 - 2” (ID 76-51MM LH 76MM) 3 - 2.48” (ID 76-63MM LH 76MM) 3.5 - 3” (ID 89-76 LH 76MM) 1.5 - 1” (ID 38-25MM LH 76MM) 2 - 1.5” (ID 51-38MM LH 76MM) 2.48 - 2” (ID 63-51MM LH 76MM) 3.98 - 3” (ID 102-76MM LH 76MM)
A hose clamp is used to provide tension to a hose, holding it in place to allow fluid to pass without leaks. Mishimoto has a number of t-bolt clamps, which provide constant tension, compared to traditional worm clamps. All of our t bolt clamp products are produced in stainless steel, so they will not rust.
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